Ever Since ESPN Dumped Olson, I Don't Pay ...
by dillon77 (2022-05-24 09:36:23)

In reply to: And Emma Risch is no longer in the Top 60  posted by IRISHFAN2008

...as much attention to Hoopgurlz as I used to. Infrequent updates, not details, mystifying up's and down's.

Like Baba, I look for some kind of composite on any given player.

For instance, no Emma Risch in Hoopgurlz? Try #13 in Blue Star or #44 in ASGR.

Cori Allen gone in Hoopgurlz? Oh, there she is at #26 in ASGR.

And Donovan up to #3 in Hoopgurlz? Well, she's one ahead of Emma in ASGR at #12.

Besides the composite for younger grades, I just go over to see if Prospects Nation has them in in the Top 150. They rank 2023 up to 25 and then have everyone equal-scheekquel (or something like that).

If the players are in these top 150 or the composites, they can probably play, right? At that point, see if Niele and Mike think she's a good fit for ND.

Personally, I'm really looking forward to Emma Risch letting it rip in South Bend!