Whoa. UConn Loss Just Starting To Sink In....A Few Ideas
by dillon77 (2023-03-25 18:29:34)
Edited on 2023-03-25 18:30:21

No UConn in the Final Four? That was like no UCLA in Men's Hoops. Or no Anson Dorrance or UNC every year in women's soccer.

Yes, they'll be very good next year, but so will a lot of people.

I've got to point out one irony that I couldn't get over.

For those that remember, Dorkha Juhasz was an all B1G player for Coach McGuff at Ohio State, yet left after her junior year to transfer to UConn, supposedly to win NC's and get prepped for the WNBA. Quite candidly, I can appreciate the finishing school pitch to some degree, but I've always felt McGuff has been undervalued as a coach and is getting better.

So, while it's just one game, Ohio State is moving on. We'll see if Juhasz reaches the next level in WNBA.

BTW, isn't Cotie McMahon the cat's meow?