They did, but lost to a 9 seed in that round. If it had been
by Domerduck (2023-03-26 01:34:11)

In reply to: 'Nova was a 4 seed, they made sweet sixteen as expected.  posted by Cavanaugh82

1 seed Indiana they would have met expectations, but my comment was that they lost to a worse seed, which was true. If LSU also loses tomorrow to Miami I would claim the same thing, but I don't think that will happen as the SEC was more of a test than it was rated and seeded. I wasn't surprised Miami beat Nova, but I think LSU will handle Miami. Hope not as I want Katie Meier in the Final 4 a lot more than Kim again and her crazy outfits.

The reason I care about the conferences in the women's game is because a good conference prepares the teams to compete. The ACC certainly did that for their teams this year and only injuries slowed down teams success in the tourney (ND, NC State, & FSU). I expected the PAC12 to do better like previous years but it didn't pan out. Big East & Big 12 were overrated and I think their tournament performance proved it. SEC also overperformed so far but the next 2 days matter. And the Big 10 needs to show this year they belong or else I'd consider them overrated as well.