Thx for Passing Along...
by dillon77 (2017-05-05 10:08:00)

In reply to: Philly Belles/Recruiting Article (link)  posted by CKDexterHaven

So if Maddie Burke and Kylee Watson were playing with juniors, I'm wondering if they were paired up with Danielle Cosgrove. If so, MM got to see them play, for sure.

Watson is in southern Jersey and I'll have to make a note of her ventures north during her sophomore season.

Belles area absolutely loaded with talent. Besides these two, Celeste Taylor (from Long Island) and Faith Masonius (one of Dara Mabrey's HS teammates) play with them.

If there's one thing this underscores, anyone and everyone has access to most of these players -- very few secrets.