Much better than Bob Hope,
by BabaGhanouj (2017-05-24 18:26:08)
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In reply to: I am serious in saying I hope Erin stays.  posted by sixtythreer

and I suspect all lithe minded followers eschew the need for labeling jokes. I have to believe most everyone caught your same humorous spirit. Sakes alive! We suspected the thread to be droll when it started by saying Erin delaying her transfer past Memorial Day was weird. Sure we want her to stay—ranked in the top 5 in her class by most rating services, Gatorade player of the year, FIBA 3x3 USA member, Valedictorian of her large high school, founder of an after school art program for at-risk youth, gifted, giving and grateful —there are few, if any, in her league.

But, in some way of which we don't know, something soured her on Notre Dame. She has said, “I love absolutely everything about it… I love the fact that it was a great combination of great academics and also competitive basketball."—so something radically changed. I still don't believe her decision centers on basketball.

But the chance of her retracting her decision to transfer is infinitesimally small, so why not have some fun with it, and who doesn't like getting flowers, or chocolates?! We need more Sixtythreers on this board. And the "creepy" comments just add to the whole spirit.