I really don't agree with regard to Patberg.
by ndbutch (2017-05-28 14:28:52)
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I like her. And I believe she would have been a regular contributor if not for her knee injury. But when a coach that I can't remember taking a transfer much less a grad transfer does so on the heels of a verbal at the position it was a statement. Going back off observations it was also when Marina Mabrey began to play PG again when LA had to go to the bench. I think Ali had communicated her intentions to transfer by that time. I'm not sure when Erin did but it wouldn't be anything nefarious for either of them to be less involved with team bonding. Neither would it be for their teammates if they knew they were going to leave.

I don't blame Erin either. She isn't an inside player. She was a wing being asked to play more inside because there were already three other wings with 2 years eligibility (3 in the case of Jackie Young) and no backup to Westbeld. Welcome to the downside of all those Micky D A-A's. It's why Meagan Walker's father was spot on in questioning how ND was going to manage the fact they had signed Young the previous session.

Fans should probably get used to transfers.