The intent of that rule
by Kayo (2017-06-01 07:27:14)

In reply to: Humor aside (which is tough),  posted by BabaGhanouj

I was a poster when that rule became necessary. Side note... I was a poster before ND Nation was ND Nation.

The rule exists to prevent speculation about who might transfer because transfer rumors can undermine an athlete's relationship with teammates. A successful team needs everyone committed to one mission. Transfer rumors single out a player as not committed. This would be all the more problematic when the rumor isn't true.

It's different once an athlete announces intent to transfer, but then we get to my opinion which isn't speaking for's owners. My opinion is that we should respect the athlete's privacy when he/she makes an important personal decision. If the athlete wants to share more, fine. If the athlete doesn't want to share much at all, fine too. I don't need to know.