They had a thread when she announced she was transferring.
by ndbutch (2017-06-04 16:24:08)

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A lot of comments gleaned from Nebraska message boards and "sources". She's a combination of DeSean Jackson and Dwight Howard according to the commentary there. With suggestions that she got the previous coach at Nebraska, Yori, fired because she wanted her way. What's being said there since she actually announced for ND I haven't seen.

Lili Thompson didn't fare any better after it was announced she was transferring to ND. Apparently there was some mysterious reason "no other team in the Pac 12 would touch her" is what I read in one post.

I wasn't particularly surprised or concerned that fans of the schools they left or fans of ND WWB rivals would be less than complimentary. But I couldn't help but contrast their reactions to those of some ND fans who seem convinced that the transfer of players unhappy about their roles was some indictment of the program.