I admit it. I've been a waffler.
by BabaGhanouj (2017-08-02 14:12:48)

In reply to: Shakira Austin Also Attending Maryland....  posted by dillon77

First I thought Christyn Williams was absolutely crucial to the program. Then I thought, no, we need Olivia Nelson-Ododa. I've also been intrigued by Queen Egbo (how can one not be?). Now, my belief in a savior is waffling.

The one area in which I haven't waffled is the belief in quality over quantity. The sins of de-commitment, transfer, and unhappiness over lack of playing time, to me, are greater than the sin of possible injury. I think the chance of the later is less than the chance of the former. Give me one top 5 over two or three mere all-Americans.

To see dillon list again our bigs and knowing we have Arike, Marina, Lili, and Jackie with more guards on the way, makes me very happy with our prospects. Yes, I'd like to have a healthy Turner, but recruiting is not going to mend that. At this point I'm going to stop worrying and leave our salvation in the hands of Muffet McGraw.