not just for the honor
by linkster (2017-08-08 20:22:07)

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U23 is an invention. There is no championship, just a round robin tournament among 4 teams. The primary purpose of holding this event is to evaluate candidates for future national teams. As it stands now there is nothing after U19. This event gives USA basketball a chance to see the cream of wcbb playing with and against each other and to give the players an idea of what it takes to play on the senior national team. The 4 UConn players along with the Duke player are legitimate candidates for future senior national teams and that is why they were invited. Maybe you don't think that Gabby Williams, Azura Stevens, Naphessa Collier and Katie Lou Samuelson belong among the top players in wcbb and in that case you have a complaint. But if you think that Geno somehow pulled strings to get his players on the list then explain the Duke player who also went knowing she couldn't go to Japan?