"...if there is mutual interest."
by dillon77 (2017-08-19 14:34:10)

In reply to: Up to 3 more recruits  posted by Dave Winkler

To paraphrase the article, "McGraw said there is room to add at least three more recruits if there is mutual interest."

On the big person front, Egbo announced her final choices and we're not one of them, so I'm thinking it's ONO or 2019 on bigs.

As for the guards, I think her going after a "true" point guard to make up for Scott's decommitment offers insight that she does not want to have a combo guard -- whether it's a vet like Marina or Mychal or a youngster like Gilbert -- take the lead pg slot for a year, if preferable.

Nixon obviously knows Peoples is coming in 2019 and still added ND (back?) to her finals list. I like that. Also like that she seems to have visited most of her other finalists already so we could be in a position to leave the last(ing) impression. She's a smart kid academically, having attended Horace Mann before Mary Louis Academy, and did a good job with Danielle Patterson in leading Mary Louis to the Catholic School title last year.

As for Christyn Williams coming Sept. 30, I'll be attending a super tailgater where the chef makes the best pork pull I've tasted in years..... :-) Would love to have her join us!

According to various NJ Shore sources and CharlieBball over at the Boneyard, Dara is down to two choices, which are apparently high level. Either she wants to go her own way, we don't want her (can't figure it totally) or there's a pecking order of sorts. We'll see....