Also Trying to Take a Low-Key Approach
by dillon77 (2017-08-29 12:13:17)
Edited on 2017-08-29 15:11:45

In reply to: Christyn Williams schedule of visits  posted by RISteve

After going through the Megatron and Evina exercises last year, I'm endeavoring to keep (emotional) involvement with this particular highly rated recruit to a bare minimum.

Obviously, top-level D1 hoops is the aim of the her recruiting vision with UConn, ND, UCLA, Texas and Tennessee the finalists. Outside of that, I don't see a whole lot in common in her school selection: ND and UConn run somewhat similar offenses and both have Hall of Fame coaches; Tenn. and Texas both wear orange; and UCLA is in L.A. So, I'll kind of sit back and see what happens. Not get too high or get too low.
One thing I have noted is that Willams plays AAU Ball with Charli Collier, who has already committed to UConn and they're making that trip together.

Perhaps some of my stance has also been influenced by the amount of recent transfers and changes in commitments, not just at ND but in D1 overall. With that in mind, MM had an interesting quote in the story that was posted the other day which said she still had up to three spots open for 2018 if "there was mutual interest." I don't think that comment was a throwaway and might indicated a (renewed?) focus on fit. Katlyn Gilbert has been a long-time commitment to ND who has not wavered; and, while she may not be at William's level according to ranking services, I'm cool with the bird in hand who has a good chance to stay in the nest. (Plus her tapes from this summer looked awfully good.)

Hopefully, Chistyn Williams will find the right place for her and the same with the school that recruits her. If it's ND, great. If somewhere else, fine. Until then, let's see what plays out.

(However, I do have a slightly more optimistic take on Jordan Nixon for some her growth curve over the years and a team/school like ND seem like a good next step.)