Tremendous recap
by RISteve (2017-09-07 20:14:54)

In reply to: "Back to School" 2018 Recruting Update and 2019/20 Primer  posted by dillon77

Dillon--great article. Just so good. I am fortunate I found this board because this information cannot really be found anywhere else, in such a concise manner.

One follow-up on Faith Masonius. Her mother coached at Uconn with Geno about 25 years ago. She was on his staff for a few years. Also, Faith's brother, an NHL-draftee, currently plays for UConn's hockey team. I have no idea whether there is any interest, but if so, I would guess who has the inside track. Unless, of course, she can be swayed by The Mabrey girls.

Thanks again.