Fast Starts / Slow Starts
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ND is averaging 20.9 points in the first quarter this season — including nine games where the Irish shot over 50% from the field and averaged 26.4 points. On the other side of the coin, ND has suffered through six slow starts where the team shot less than 36% from the field and trailed at the end of the first quarter with the exception of the last game vs Duke.

The common denominator of the fast and slow starts is generally Arike. As the team’s leading scorer, if she’s on from the start, the team seems to follow. Conversely, her poor shooting in the first quarter marks each of the team’s six slow starting games (as defined above).

Fast Starts

Mount St Marys
ND hit 13 of 21 shots (61.9%) in the first quarter. Arike went 3-6 as ND scored 33 and grabbed a 16 point lead. Arike finished with 21.

South Florida
The Irish shot 52.4% in the first quarter, 11 for 21. Arike was 3 for 8. ND scored 23 and led by 6 after one. Arike scored 21.

Arike scored 32 in this game and started 4 for 8 in the first quarter to lead a 24 point effort on 52.6% shooting (10 for 19 as a team). ND grabbed an 11 point lead after one.

Michigan State
Arike was only 1 for 3, but the rest of the team hit 7 of 12 to score 23 and take a 14 point lead. Arike led all scorers with 23 in the game.

Wake Forest
Arike hit 5 of her 7 shots in the first quarter and the rest of the team 7 for 8 to score 28 on 80% shooting and roar to a 16 point advantage. Arike finished with 25.

Georgia Tech
Arike started her 25 point team-leading effort by going 5 for 5 in the first quarter. ND scored 24 and grabbed a 13 point lead.

ND shot 70.6% in outscoring the Tigers in the first quarter 28 - 13. Kat led the way hitting 5 of 6 in the first quarter. Arike went 2 for 4 and ended up with a team-leading 23.

Florida State
Arike led the hot-shooting Irish in scoring 29 first quarter points to take a 15 point lead after one. Arike was 4 for 5 from the field and her team mates 10 for 17 to shoot 63.6%.

North Carolina
ND scored 26 and took a 15 point lead on 50% shooting. Arike was 2 for 5 and ultimately hit 50% of her shots including 4 for 8 from three for 24 points.

Slow Starts

Oregon State
ND only managed 15 points on 35.7% shooting and trailed by 3 after one. Arike hit 1 of 5 shots. The rest of the team went 4 for 9. She also went 1 for 5 in the second quarter as ND trailed at the half — the first of three games this season to see the Irish head to the locker room behind. Arike eventually scored 15 but only made 27.8% of her 18 field goal attempts.

Arike went 0 for 6 in the first quarter, but the rest of the team went 7 for 15 (7 for 21 / 33% combined) to score 18 and trail by four. Arike scored 19 for the game — but took 25 shots. She went 1 for 10 from three.

Marquette took a 23-18 lead after the first quarter and eventually forced the Irish into overtime. The team shot 30.4% in the first quarter. Arike went 1 for 5 and Jackie Young was 0 for 4, the rest of the team was 6 for 14. Arike eventually led ND scorers with 22 in the OT win including scoring 10 of ND’s 18 points in the overtime period.

Another slow start for Arike and the team. ND shot 33.3% in scoring 18 points and trailing by four after one. Arike went 1 for 5, the rest of the team was 4 for 10. Her poor shooting continued through the game - just 4 for 17 (23.5%). She did hit 12 of 13 free throws in scoring 20. Marina led ND with 21.

ND only managed 10 points on 23.5% shooting. Arike was 1 for 7 in the first quarter but ended up leading ND with 27 points. She went 8 for 13 the rest of the game. She went 3 for 5 from three and 6 for 6 from the line.

ND only scored 13 points on 30.8% shooting but still managed a one point lead after one. Arike was 0 for 5 in the first quarter while the rest of the team was 4 for 8. She only made 4 of 16 shots in the game, but she did hit two key three point shots in the second half.

ND recovered in all the slow starting games including UConn. ND slumped badly in the 4th quarter against the Huskies — scoring just 9 points on 20% shooting (3 for 15 from the field - Arike was 1 for 6), while UConn poured in 26 making 9 of 14 field goal attempts to win by 9.

Two games that I didn’t count as slow starts are the South Carolina and Louisville games because the offense wasn’t the main culprit. ND made 44.4% of its first quarter field goals against the Gamecocks and scored 18. ND trailed by 10 at the first break. ND shot 46.2% from the field in the first quarter vs Louisville, but only managed 16 points while the hot-shooting Cards put up 33. Louisville continued their torrid shooting through the game to race away to the 100 - 67 win. It was the one game that ND never recovered to take the lead.

For the season, Louisville is averaging 78.8 points on 48.7% shooting from the field. They make 39% of their threes and average 6.3 three point field goals per game. They shot 65.1% from the field against ND and made 11 of 17 threes (64.7%). Louisville is averaging 71.5 points in their other 11 ACC games — the average is up to 73.9 points when the 100 points they poured in against ND are added in.

ND’s scoring in the ACC has increased over its average of 84.0 against 13 non-conference foes to 85.6 against 11 conference opponents. ND is averaging 88.7 in the six ACC games post-Louisville. In conference, ND has scored 100 once, three times in the 90s, four times in the 80s, twice in the 70s and once in the 60s (Louisville).

Outside of the ND game, Louisville has only topped 80 points three times in ACC play. They’ve scored in the 70s three times, the 60s three times, the 50s once and just 49 vs Florida State. It will be interesting to see how they shoot and score vs UConn next Monday night in Storrs. If they shoot and score at their season averages, they have no chance. It will take a second magical night from Durr and Hines-Allen for them to have a shot at knocking off UConn.

Thanks for the interesting stats, but UConn's next game is
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against Wichita St on Saturday. They host Louisville this Monday.

Thanks for the correction
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Somehow I thought the UConn - Louisville game was tonight -- but "Big" Monday makes more sense.

Both UConn and Louisville played last night and neither had
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good games. Louisville struggled against Clemson and UConn had a bad game against UCF. Both ended up winning by about 20 points, but both were favored by about 40.

I think both were looking forward a bit. Plus UConn held Crystal Dangerfield out due to a nagging injury.

Megan Walker
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Been as good as advertised?

Could they both lose?
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Just wishing