A Look at One Coach's Path To a HC Position....
by dillon77 (2018-02-09 08:58:58)
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...to be specific, Chad Riley, of the Notre Dame Men's Soccer Team.

I include this because he was a very good player for an Irish coaching icon, Bobby Clark, and this excellent piece (attached) follows the path, decisions and advice he took and received to get there. I've cut and pasted some relevant paragraphs below.

It's offered to add some thought to discussions on how best to prepare for a HC position.

From Article on Chad Riley (full article linked)

"I also knew I had a lot to learn to prepare myself to be a good head coach. I always had a lot of things happening in the back of my head in that regard…And you've got to be purposeful about it. Bobby (Clarke) taught me not to be in a rush. But at the same time I also remembered Jack Swarbrick coming to speak to all the assistant coaches one day down in the basketball auditorium of the Joyce Center.
"Two things really hit me-first it was nice to hear Jack talk about it from his side of the table, from his perspective. It was about how to grow your career, how you do it while you're here. And you can be a good assistant, but you have to be able to articulate what you do to get the jobs you want. And then you can talk about it, but you also get to the point where you have to go prove it.
"What I took from Jack's comments was that you were probably going to have to go somewhere else-it's probably not going to be a seamless move up the ladder here (at Notre Dame) to one of the head coaching positions. He was very positive, but the way I interpreted it was that it was going to be hard to work here
"Then I remember picking (ND senior associate athletic director) Bill Scholl's brain. One of his things was, 'As soon as you find a good place, go be a head coach as fast as you can.' His advice was that there were so many things you can't learn unless you're in the seat doing it. I took that to heart. I wasn't going to rush, but it hit me that there's a big difference between making suggestions and making decisions."