Yeah...I think it's a challenge.
by dillon77 (2018-09-24 09:13:16)

In reply to: Nice recovery‚Ķ ha, just kidding. Of course, I agree.  posted by BabaGhanouj

..and in one of (many) excellent interview she gave, she admitted as such.

The health concern -- particularly with the Irish's last season -- is a given.

Not concerned on iota with motivation:
- Arike was looking for another championship right after they won that won. And Marina wants to win at anything. Plus, you just know Bri wants to get one when she's ON the court.
- Rookies are going to fight like all get out to join the fray
- And MM will channel all that

It's a big year...I just did think one other factor:
- Don't put too much pressure on to be perfect early on. Enjoy, learn, keep getting better!