I agree, you take both. Clark and Bueckers are both very
by Fighting_Artichoke (2018-09-25 20:08:53)

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versatile, and ND will have only 1 guard in the 2019 class, so get both and Campbell in 2020. Notre Dame plays a lot of guards, and Gilbert, Prohaska and Nixon will be juniors when Campbell, Clark and Bueckers would arrive. I really don't think that ND gets Jones, but if the Irish did, then I am definitely being greedy. We also have to factor for injuries; believe it or not, sometimes you get a lot of injuries all at the the same time.

The other thing is that realistically, we won't get all these players. I remember when we were recruiting Samuelson, Collier, Ogunbowale, Mabrey and Durr (and we already had Patberg committed for the following year). I wrung my hands about who we would have to exclude, but of course it never came to pass. We got only 2 of the 5 and we still did pretty damn good!

So for now, I will be greedy and say yes to all of them (Jones in 2019 and then Campbell, Clark and Bueckers in 2020) if they would agree to commit. Hell, Clay Kallam says that Jones could defend positions 1-4 at a P5 level (but not quick PG and not huge PF), so she's very versatile too.