Agree. Few Takeaways....
by dillon77 (2018-10-02 18:46:40)

In reply to: Thanks. That was an entertaining interview *  posted by RISteve

-- Interesting that both Marina and Bri cited Jackie as the player people will know more about come April (if they don't already).
-- Bri and Marina also thought the frosh class is a very good one.
-- MM sharing that most end-of-game plays have 2 and 3-pt. options, which..of course..was the case in the MSU game. Loved Marina saying that if she's open for a 3, "I'm shooting it."
-- Marina complimenting virtually everything about Bri's game, from toughness and quickness to knowing exactly where to be. And improved shooting, to boot!
-- Marina admitting to wanting a few minutes off to gain perspective. If that's the case (plus whatever happens in the flow of a game, such as fouls), I can most certainly see Jordan Nixon coming in for either Marina, Jackie or Arike and the four of them rotating a bunch, a la Lili T before she was injured. Assuming she plays up to what she did in Rome and Croatia.

Season can't come soon enough!