And a Few of the So-Called Intangibles!
by dillon77 (2018-10-06 08:07:21)
Edited on 2018-10-06 08:24:38

In reply to: Can someone remind me was was so great about Vaughn  posted by Jon

- Her father was captain and quarterback of the football team at Penn (He was interviewed during the broadcast of the Penn game last year). Could have a leadership gene.

When she transferred to Paul VI in high school for her senior year, she was named captain.

And a few from her bio:

- One of four kids, so she's gotta get along while also getting ahead

- Played lacrosse as a freshman. Tells me something about hand-eye coordination.

- She speaks French. Well! In fact, she won first place in the MCATFL French Oral Proficiency Contest in 2013. This will come in handy trash-talking the two French players on the Syracuse roster this year and when she and Kaitlin enter "Eurotalent" singing contests held in Paris.

- Speaking of -- and, as Baba noted -- she sang (albeit off-camera) at the ESPYs (along with Katilin Cole, another "wallflower"). I would've hit the kitchen.