A Few Takeaways/Thoughts.....
by dillon77 (2018-10-11 14:06:05)
Edited on 2018-10-11 15:07:42

In reply to: Amihere down to three finalists and ND NOT among them.  posted by Fighting_Artichoke

- Whether Ms. Amihere came to campus or not (have read/heard both sides), it sure looks like this mutual interest has stopped in it's tracks.

- Sure looks like wing Haley Jones and post Aliyah Boston are it for the remainder of the 2019 early decision recruiting period. I say that because both of them are pushing their visits deep into the remaining time period (in Boston's case, partially because she's in Argentina right now) leading up to the mid-November early signing period. I've also read that Boston may make her announcement during the early decision period during a high school team's visit to her Virgin Island home. And Jones is taking her OVs to UConn (with Boston), S. Carolina and Oregon to complete her tours of ND and Stanford.

- Like Orangutan said, hope Ms. Boston and Sam Brunelle are bonding even tighter in between having shooting bonanzas in the 3x3 tourney.

- If Irish can get either Boston or Jones, this class is a major success.
And if not, it's still yields two really excellent players in Brunelle and Peoples.

- This push for Boston, a really excellent post (only), tells me how much MM likes Mikayla Vaughn, who has three years of eligibility starting in 2019. And let's assume Danielle Cosgrove will back her up, with Danielle Patterson and Sam at the high post. Light and tight (on numbers) but talented players throughout the roster.

- As pointed out, that's 9 scholarship players plus Kaitlin Cole in 2019, so 2020 could be a big and necessary year in terms of quantity (and quality) of recruits. At the post, with Angel Reese and Hannah Gusters not having the Irish on their list, do the Irish set their sets on Cameron Brink and Natalijia Marshall? Does Kylee Watson resurface?

- As for wings/big guards, who will join Alli Campbell? Traditional wings: Mady Westbeld? Sydney Parrish? Or just get the best guards available, namely Paige Bueckers and/or Caitlin Clark? I know Hailey Van Lith is small, but she's skilled, physical and tough, and loves to play with Sam. And Jordan Nixon -- not that tall herself -- would be a junior when Van Lith comes aboard and Van Lith could learn from/work under Jordan.

First things first: Jones, Boston.
Stay tuned.