Agree. MM Saw The Same Thing...
by dillon77 (2019-01-11 09:43:10)

In reply to: I think we have learned. . .  posted by NDLAW88

..regarding Louisville's aggressive man-to-man, in-your-face defense. It does not play to Marina's strengths, but to Jackie's dribbling ability. Good. solid coaching move.

We'll play other teams that sag into a zone and require someone who has more of a "move the ball around and get everyone in position" approach or just plays soft man. Back to MM maybe.

For those who have the chance, listen to MM's presser. It's apparent she's looking to do certain things based on the scouting reports we have coming back.
This team has so many strengths that they can adjust what's necessary against teams that have excellent personnel, such as Louisville.