USA Basketball Made a Mistake and the Alabama Athletic...
by dillon77 (2019-01-11 11:15:12)

In reply to: Oh, I agree! I do like Walz and agree completely with you.  posted by BabaGhanouj

..organization has taken this to the casebook of how not to lead.

As Orangutan pointed out, NCAA athletes are permitted to be compensated for lost wages incurred while training for/competing for USA Basketball. Of course, the issue was that that Davenport was in high school, as was one Anaya Peoples, who also received a check.

There are two competing versions of what Peoples did (one from an ESPNw story and one from Savarese's boss, who was trying to draw a distinction with Davenport. The main point is that Anaya (and her parents) called high school authorities and asked about the check. Upon being told it was a no-no, she either returned the check and/or funds immediately, thereby keeping her eligibility intact).

Maybe Walz got his "can do, can't do" mixed up, but he wasn't the only one.

The Alabama organization and it's governing body is right now hiding behind the literal letter of the law, not the intent and that's just lame leadership, in my humble opinion. Maybe suspend her for a game or three, but a whole season?

As Baba has brought up in the past, Walz has done a good job with ND recruits on teams he's trained, including Anaya Peoples, Jordan Nixon and Abby Prohaska. I happened to like the way he played all his players in the recent regional tournament, even though it cut down on the ultimate scoring margin. If you're going to be on a national team, let's see what they have (in most instances, that team faced tougher competition in the tryouts than the games.).