New Creme bracketology shows ND, not Chicago but Portland
by Domerduck (2019-02-08 09:49:51)
Edited on 2019-02-08 09:51:48

For me this woudl be great since I already have tickets for this regional BUT not that good for ND. This will be a decidedly pro Oregon crowd. He has Baylor is solidly #1 in Chicago and I don't think they will be replaced. He has us 6th overall which is why he is putting us in Portland, but I would rather have us #2 in Chicago no matter who we play. I also agree with his argument on UConn and MSU and that it really doesn't matter if UConn gets Albany whichever seed it is. I still think Miss State wins out its a 1 seed over UConn.

I waas hoping we could have stayed #1 Seed, but unless there is unexpected Carnage this team doesn;t deserve it. I do hope we get our act together and dominate the ACC tourney so we are playing our best heading into the NCAA tourney.