The truth is, other than MV & Abby's efforts plays,, there
by Domerduck (2019-02-10 14:13:49)

In reply to: Good opportunity for a lot of the bench.  posted by NDBass

is a major drop off in how they play offense when the subs are there. Patterson has soft hands and loses the ball a lot and doesn't keep rebounds,. Nixon makes lots of mistakes and keeps the ball too much. Abby is good off the ball are set shots, but not good handling the ball and her passes have been suspect. No other sub is playing when the game matters.

It's important to gets subs to get in the rotation but it only works when there is no drop off, because the starters won't tolerate it. Best example was 4th qtr when there were only two starters in (Shep & Jackie) on the floor, Nixon dribbles down after the TV TO and gets picked by Morgan Jones who make an uncontested layup. Shep then won't throw the ball in to anyone but Jackie and the two were the only two to touch the ball for an easy Jackie layup. Soon after Muffet take them out, but that doesn't establish confidence in the subs.

Of the top teams, UConn is the only one that doesn't have effective subs. This year I've watched several games by Louisville, Miss State, Baylor, and the top 3 PAC 12 schools Oregon, Stanford, and Oregon State and they all can do great with their subs coming in. They do have their top scorer/ball handler who mostly stay on the court (Durr, Howard, Cox, Ionescu, Smith, and Slocum, but they all play 3 or more subs who are effective for 10 minutes plus each. It makes a difference. Last year we survived with really only Koko in the NCAA's but at least we had her. This year we really only have Vaughn. Something needs to change.