My take: ND benefited last yr, Boley/Oregon benefited this
by Domerduck (2019-02-11 11:00:05)
Edited on 2019-02-11 11:04:12

In reply to: Erin Boley  posted by ibleedgreen

year. Let me start with all of us realizing that last year was the best/most exciting year ND Women's bball has ever had. I suggest if Boley was here the team would not have won it all. Muffet would have tried to put her in, probably taking minutes from Marina or Kat. I don't think she would have started but 1st off the bench. My question to all of you do you think she would have started this year. I suggest no with the 5 we have, So this year she wouldn't have started at ND and as NDLaw just posted, last year our chemistry improved without her.

As for this year as tradition & dillon point out Boley significantly benefits being with Sabrina. Guess who recruited her to Oregon-Sabrina-given they played together on Allstar games and National teams. Graves saw her fit to shoot 3's to replace Lexi Bando when she graduated. Last year, she played a big role as a practice player which helped her fit in so the team chemistry works at Oregon well with her. In fact she has started every game for the Ducks this year.

Initially she just shot well as her primary role, but lately she has improved her D (especially when they are in zone) and her rebounding. Her length is a big advantage on the team even if she is slower than the rest. Sabrina clearly is the leader although senior Cazorla is also critical, but everyone has their role. i don't see her as a selfish player as she does the little things and when they need speed or man to man D they bring in Chavez, who has been phenomenal off the bench.

I can see why people want her to stay at ND, but Erin was better off making the change and I think ND was too. Hopefully these two team don't have to meet in the NCAA tourney unless it is for all the marbles. I'll take that.