Getting outshot 36-6 was pretty telling.
by Porpoiseboy (2018-12-17 15:57:37)

In reply to: Boy they were hard to watch yesterday  posted by TCFC

I was nervous for a bit, as I have watched many matches where a team looks like it is playing lights out better than the other yet only manages a draw (or even rarely worse), and score-wise the Devils stuck around for a while due to Allison's misstep. (Although, United could have gone up 1-0 with a tiny bit of luck on their first non-goal). I just kept watching thinking, come on Reds! You're fuckin KILLING these guys! Maybe it's the rain, but you have GOT to net something! But their score caught up with their effort, thankfully.

I kept thinking I wonder if anyone sat Pogba and started Shaq in their fantasy leagues.