I think there is a chance
by alleghenyirish (2018-12-20 09:53:22)

In reply to: Do you really think Pochettino will  posted by KnightlyRevue

Eriksen and Toby both have a big chance of leaving next year. So then we are replacing our top defender and top play-maker, and money is tight with the stadium. Poch has worked miracles already, replacing that would be his biggest challenge yet.

That being said United's squad is horrifying right now. They have no solid defenders and several players that haven't played up to their best ability in over a year. It would be another big project and I don't know if United's front office would let Poch do what he did at Spurs without getting involved.

Levy let Poch clear out as many players as he wanted and freeze people out of the team. Would Woodward let him do that to players like Pogba, Lindgard, Sanchez etc. and give him enough backing? I really don't know.