USSF is a lot like Schembechler Mich
by spade (2022-09-28 10:02:06)
Edited on 2022-09-28 12:10:16

In reply to: Potential versus actuality  posted by SixShutouts66

The USSF has sat back and is confortable being in the best chance to win the Gold Cup and CONCACAF Nations Cup each year. Nothing more. Competing at the top level is just not crucial to the higher-ups at USSF. That was clear when USMNT didn't make the 2018 World Cup and major changes were absent.

France after a 2010 bottom group finish, their entire structure had a plan for the next 8 years. France succeeded. But US will not so long as their primary goal is to simply host Tournaments and grab cash.

The soccer media is of course complicit as well. Fox has neutered all criticism and Rob Stone can't find his way out of a paper bag. When the Fox coverage was spotty I went over to UniMas and at least they were banging the drum asking questions, why is this the best the US can do. At least they are asking questions, no one at USSF seems to be.

Of couse, to extend the Michigan metaphor, our manager's name reminds me of LLLoyd Carr. Seems like every time we play like Garbage, he adds another G to his name. Running on GGGGreggg so far it seems, ugh!