Im gonna jinx us and call it as ND National Champions
by Radi-skull (2022-03-27 10:29:42)
Edited on 2022-03-27 10:32:39

In reply to: After 4th of Foil we are set to gain 2 pts on Harvard.  posted by Radi-skull

4th round of epee not finalized but ND will net 0 at worst

ND with 5 pts and harvard and prinecton can only get 5 in the round at most with their remaining fencers

So with 24 bouts remaining ND should have at least an 18 pt lead on Columbia and 19 on Harvard.

Any combination of 7 from our wins and Columbia's loses will keep us out of reach

Edit: Magic # down to 4.

ND already has 3 pts in the last round of Saber. Columbiab has not lost but Harvard has lost two.