Rest of season outlook: Hello NIT!
by rsmith18 (2019-01-05 14:15:26)
Edited on 2019-01-05 14:44:34

Dropping to 0-2 is pretty devastating for this team's chances for the NCAA tourney. 9-9 gets you in and 8-10 is probably not gonna cut it, although Cuse was 8-10 and ND was in for 48 hours before Davidson upset Rhode Island. On the bright side, this team really can't get worse.. Gibbs is finally starting to play well and Mooney and Durham are only getting better. Hubb is the big question mark - all of his shot attempts were threes which is asinine.

There are a lot of opportunities for good wins but also a lot of teams to lose to.

Upcoming schedule:

In order to get to 9-9 and make the tourney, most likely will have to:
Wins: BC, NCSU, @GT, @BC, @Miami, GT, Wake, Clemson, @Pitt
Losses: @UNC, UVA, Duke, @UVA, VT, @FSU, @UL

They'll need to be 3-5 after the Duke game, losing to UNC, UVA, and Duke. From there the schedule eases up a bit. 6-6 after the game in Charlottesville if they take care of inferior opponents in BC, Miami, and GT.

I don't see it out of the question to get to 9 wins. NCSU would be a really good win and I'd argue BC, GT, Miami, Wake, and Pitt are worse than ND. The end of season schedule is pretty favorable, although 3 of the last 4 are on the road I don't see how they can't go 3-1.