Men’s Hoops

The Big Win Tournament — Week 1 Finals

The most exciting part of the NCAA tournament are the upsets that push favorites to the side and give hope to pool participants everywhere. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to cite any excitement for our first tournament week, but we still have two strong contenders vying for advancement to the next round….

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The Big Win Tournament — Week 1 Round 2

Welcome to the second round for our first eight seeds. Although we haven’t seen any upsets like you’d usually see in March Madness, the event is young and there’s still plenty of games to consider. Round 1 Review Game 1 [crowdsignal poll=10536924] Certainly no upset in the first game — the win to get Notre…

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The Big Win Tournament — Week One, Round One

As promised yesterday, we’re ready to introduce you to your first eight seeds and kick off the battle to see which Notre Dame Men’s Basketball victory has been the biggest. For each matchup, you’ll get a blurb about the game’s when, where, and whyfors. You’ll also get a comment about why I seeded it where…

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