Collecting the Irish

A few weeks ago, we here at NDN were contacted by J. R. Wainwright, long-time sports illustrator and Notre Dame fan. Over the years, Mr. Wainwright has cultivated an extensive collection of Notre Dame-related art and memorabilia, including his own work depicting all our Heisman Trophy winners, all-American players, and famous coaches. The illustrations on…

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The Grass is Always … Something

Well, we all knew it was coming. And now, according to the South Bend Trib, it’s on the schedule — the natural grass surface at Notre Dame Stadium will be replaced by Field Turf. Let me make something clear from the get-go: The turf in Notre Dame Stadium is not a hot-button issue for me….

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Don’t Forget — Ask Jack on Tuesday

The Google Hangout where NDN will be one of six interviewers who will ask Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick a question will be Tuesday, July 31st, at 7:30pm ET. You can watch the Hangout by clicking here, and it will be available on YouTube afterwards (link to follow).

What Would You Ask Jack?

On Tuesday, July 31st, Jack Swarbrick will participate in an online “hangout” on Google Plus.  Moderated by long-time ND sports anchor Jack Nolan, Jack will be interviewed by representatives from seven ND-based online communities, one of which will be NDNation. The structure of the hangout gives each representative the opportunity to ask Jack one question. …

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Uncle Ed

When I started putting together Echoes on the Hardwood, my first interviewees told a wide range of stories covering a couple decades of Notre Dame basketball. But at some point in the interview, they all asked me the same question: “You’re going to talk to Eddie O’Rourke, right?” Of course, I said yes. I didn’t…

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