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  • Kelly 2010 Spring Press Conference

    COACH KELLY: Good afternoon. It’s an exciting day around here today. There’s an energy in the building that I think we all feed off of as coaches and players. I know our players are excited about today. I know our coaches are.

    You know, again, it’s what we do. It’s getting out on the field, … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Kelly and the Running Game

    *These are several posts from suave_andrew that I combined together.

    Probably no other aspect of Brian Kelly’s offense will receive more attention than how the run game performs. This is due mainly for two reasons: 1) Charlie Weis’s inability to establish the run at Notre Dame played a large role in his downfall and 2) … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Bennett Jackson’s Senior Highlights

    (Notre Dame Football Recruiting News) –

    The wide receiver from NJ just had new highlights posted. Bennett is also running track and so far his best times are 7.53 in the 55 meter hurdles, 6.62 in the 55 meter dash and 8.01 in the 60 meter hurdles. He also high jumped 6’2″.

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    A Coffin of Thine Own Making: Swarbrick and False Choices

    Despite the use of intimidating phrases like “seismic shifts” and “changing landscapes” the fact remains that conference re-alignment doesn’t have to change Notre Dame football and nothing besides Notre Dame’s own choices can compel it to give up independence.

    Notre Dame football will only change by choice; it can’t be forced into a conference arrangement.… Full Notre Dame News Story