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  • Fiddling While Hoops Burns

    Those of you who follow my writing know I beat the improve-the-physical-plant drum loudly and often. Some of you regard it as some kind of excuse mechanism for Mike Brey, and no amount of explanation has proven able to dissuade you of that idea. So if you are of that camp, you may as well … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Notes from the Geetar: Lost in the Angst

    I’m still trying to figure out how to implement the “NftG” heading in this thing. For now, I’ll use it for compendium-like posts that lack a central theme. Like that doesn’t describe half my work.

    With all the hand-wringing recently about the need or lack thereof for coaching staff changes and the deplorable state of … Full Notre Dame News Story

    My Dinner with Charlie

    Alright, it’s more like my dinner with Charlie and 2,000 others. But I got the most vivid reminder yet why Charlie Weis is such a good fit at Notre Dame, and far be it from me not to share it with those who weren’t able to dine with us. In deference to him, I waited … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Vagina Dialogues

    I realize this isn’t sports related, but disingenuity in all its forms makes my brain itch. There is nothing that makes me more crazy than people who participate in a negotiation claiming a desire to see all parties satisfied when in reality what they want is 100 percent of their own wishes fulfilled.

    Which is … Full Notre Dame News Story