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  • Thanks, but No Thanks

    The alleged book on us here at NDN is we’ll find any opportunity to be negative, even during the best football season you could imagine. If the actual content both here and on the boards the last couple weeks hasn’t dispelled that notion by now, I trust the presence of actual sociopathic ND haters can … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Confirmation Bias with Grits

    The SEC is universally recognized as the top-flight conference in college football. Seven of its teams are ranked in the top 20 in the latest BCS poll, their games occupy the majority of the prime-time television slots every weekend, and the winner of their title game is being given a de-facto slot in the national … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Wonder, Think & Know: Shirley Jones Edition

    As the late great Mike Royko once said, some things you wonder, some things you think, and some things you just know:

    To paraphrase Sally Brown, if anyone had told me I’d be praising a Bob Diaco-led defense in the wake of the Navy veer, I’d have said they were crazy.

    Speaking of defenses, the … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Irish Stake Their Claim in Oklahoma

    Notre Dame answered the challenge in resounding fashion after Oklahoma tied the game with nine minutes remaining, and the Irish¬†pulled away for an impressive 30-13 victory over the Sooners. A long pass from Everett Golson to freshman Chris Brown set up Golson’s go-ahead touchdown, and a diving¬†interception by Manti Te’o ended Oklahoma’s last … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Binders Full Of … Tickets?

    For going on 20 years now, a FedEx envelope has arrived at my house this time of year with hoops ducats inside. The design has varied from elementary school kids’ drawings to pictures to logos, but it’s always been the same delivery — a sheet full of perforated tickets that can be pulled out one … Full Notre Dame News Story