Roadmap for 2018

ND Magazine 2018Brian Kelly’s eighth season certainly held the interest of fans.  From the highs of the season-opening win streak to the low of Miami and back up after Miles’ Boykin’s amazing catch, there was more than enough for the Fighting Irish faithful to digest.  And with the moves of the offseason, we’re left wondering what to expect for 2018.

Are you curious how Brandon Wimbush and Phil Jurkovec will battle for the starting QB spot?  Whether Boykin can build on his highlight-reel moment against LSU to become a force at wideout?  If Jeff Quinn and Clark Lea will make fans forget about Harry Hiestand and Mike Elko?

Wonder no more:  The South Bend Trib’s annual NDInsider season preview is on the stands and ready for perusal, and all those questions and more will be answered for you.  With position-by-position analysis, profiles of the new blood on the team, and one-on-one discussions with BK, it’s more than enough to slake the thirst of Irish fans waiting for the Wolverines to arrive on September 1st.

And the best part?  It’s old-school hard copy, which you can page through as you look forward to another season of Irish football

Copies are available from the SB Trib at this link.  Do yourself a favor and grab your copy today.