The Big Win Tournament — Week Four Round One

Our first pandemic distraction moves on inexorably into Week number four. The Big Wins in ND Men’s Basketball History adds seven more seeds to face the Week Three winner, and this week will determine which win makes it to the final-eight-except-the-one-we-all-know-is-number-one competition next week. We’re getting into the creme de la creme at this point,…

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Irish Wobble Past Cards

Louisville refused to play the role of the Washington Generals on Monday night, but Notre Dame managed to pull away in the second half to secure a 35-17 victory in the season opener. The teams traded long touchdown drives in the first quarter, which ended in an uneasy 14-14 tie that had Irish fans reaching…

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IBG: Slight Change of Pace

Not sure where we go after the performance last Saturday, so as you’ll see at the end of the article, I took my question for this week’s Irish Blogger Gathering in a slightly different direction. Check out my fellow bloggers’ answers to that question via the link in their question to me this week, wondering…

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