The Big Win Tournament — A Chalky Final Four

For those unfamiliar with the term, a tournament is said to be “chalk” when the favorites win. It goes back to horse racing, so I guess you can watch “The Sting” if you want to get a feel for it.

Regardless, it’s an apt term for how this final week of the Big Win Tournament has started. We’ve seen our share of upsets these last four weeks, including AC’s 61-point effort not only winning its week in an upset but almost winning the following week as well. That trend ended with a big ol’ thump today, though, as not only did all of the favorites win their Elite Eight matchups, they all did so decisively.

Game 29

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I don’t blame anyone for valuing a championship over a game in Rosemont. Ralph Sampson and his crew get sent home a second time.

Game 30

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Confession time — I was one of the nine who voted for Maui, probably because that will will enable (or at least increase the chances of) me to go there next November. Not all championships are created equal, I guess.

Game 31

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I feel bad I couldn’t find some video for the win over DePaul. I was a little young at the time, and although dad took us to plenty of games, we usually didn’t attend the ones in that echelon. Friends of mine who attended, however, rave about what it was like. Games against the Blue Demons in the 70’s and 80’s were absolutely insane affairs, and I wish there was more evidence out there so today’s fans who couldn’t experience them could see how it was.

Game 32

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The upstart gets blocked and exits from the tournament. No, not Butler this time.

Final Four Voting

Four victories, two polls, one championship matchup at stake. The spreads left no doubt in the first pass this week. What will we see this time?

Game 33

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Game 34

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Poll close Thursday, May 14th, at 11:59pm EDT.