The Big Win Tournament — Week Four Round Two

Week Four’s first round is complete, and we’re ready for the semifinals. Four of ND’s biggest wins will once again be reduced to two, putting us one step closer to the eight tournament finalists. So let’s see which of our original seeds this week made it through to this round.

Round One Review

Game 22

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The UCLA streak-break was behind the eight ball from the start, and ND’s student MVP’s cruised to the victory. Looks like none of the bottom 22 will be with us the rest of the way.

Game 23

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I think we all would agree wins over Duke are sweet. But it seems wins away from home taste just a little bit sweeter.

Game 24

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Pat Connaughton brought Irish fans to their feet with his big block, and apparently brought Irish voters to back him up.

Game 25

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Will it be Clay vs Clay in the final reckoning? We’ll see, but this win keeps it possible.

Round Two Voting

You have until 7pm EDT on Thursday, May 5th, to pick your favorites for this week’s championship. The blurbs and videos are available in Round One’s write-up if you need a refresher.

Do we still like beating Duke? Will Planet Pat out-duel the Iceman? Tune in later this week to find out which wins were the biggest.

Game 26

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Game 27

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