The Big Win Tournament — Week Three Finals

The tournament that started with 37 wins is down to 10, and now you’ll be able to pick which of our two finalists from this week will take on the top seven. It’s time to wrap up Week Three with our finalists.

Round Two Review

Game 19

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AC fans continue to bring the vote, and although it was closer this time than earlier this week, #1 Marquette falls a second time and the #29 seed advances.

Game 20

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The Pauley streak-breaker takes down yet another NCAA tournament victory, and the streak of underdog upsets this week continues.

Round Two Championship

Game 21

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So which one is it going to be? Will AC’s 61 points win its second week in a row, or will the first win at UCLA be enough to topple it? Make your vote count, because you have until noon ET Sunday, Mar 3rd.