The Big Win Tournament — Week Three Round Two

Eight seeds started the week in contention, and after upsets across the board, we’re down to an unexpected four. Week Three rolls on into the second round, and you the reader have two more choices to make.

Round One Review

Game 15

AC’s supporters come through again in a big way, and the Irish scoring leader will move into Round Two.

Game 16

Certainly closer than Game 15, but our readers have proven over the years they like them some NCAA tournament success. DJ’s heroics seem to have been more of a draw than the look on K’s face post-game.

Game 17

Having just talked about our jonesing for the tournament, the next poll comes out and proves me wrong. Well, our audience skews older as well, so no doubt people who met the team at the Circle at 2:30am upon their return from LA were well represented here.

Game 18

Our narrowest seeding matchup produces the biggest runaway … go figure. Marquette is Notre Dame’s basketball rival, and don’t let anyone tell you different.

Round Two

Our four upset winners now will face off to see which Cinderella can keep her slipper on. Once again, the two biggest winners have to face off in the semifinal, while the less obvious choices duke it out.

Voting closes at 6pm ET Thursday, April 30th.

Game 19

Game 20