The Big Win Tournament — Week Two Finals

We reach the end of our second week in our attempt to find the biggest win in ND men’s basketball history. Once again, our readers looked at their Week Two choices, spoke quite loudly about which games they wanted to see in the championship, and pushed two under-seeded contenders into the limelight.

Round 2 Review

Game 12

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SFA gave the Irish a scare in 2016 before falling in the last seconds. That certainly wasn’t the case this time, as ND’s win over the Kentucky Wildcats in 1980 led from the get-go and advanced.

Game 13

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David Rivers is rightfully remembered as one of the greatest guards in Irish history. But like so many others, he was no match for Austin Carr’s offense, and the NCAA record will fight to last another week.

Week Two Championship

So which one will it be? Will Augie & company make it through to week #3, or will Kelly Tripucka lead his team to another win?

You have until noon Sunday, April 25th, to decide.

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