The Big Win Tournament — Week Two Round Two

We’ve reached the second round of our Tournament of Big Wins, and you’ve had a chance to express your opinion about the initial eight seeds. You came out strongly in favor of two apparently under-seeded underdogs, were a little more balanced on the third, and really needed time to make up your mind whether or not last week’s winner would move on.

Round One Review

Game 8

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Certainly a closer contest than we saw in any of the first round games last week — had to wait right up until closing time to see which one of these would come out on top. But last week’s winner IU was no match for Rex Pflueger’s last-second heroics vs Stephen F. Austin.

Game 9

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This one, on the other hand, wasn’t even close. Glad to see AC getting some love from the Irish faithful, Marquette Warriors or no Marquette Warriors.

Game 10

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This one wasn’t close either. I guess the Irish faithful think more of wins over top-ranked teams than I do. Then again, I was in the stands for this game, and I can see why people voted for it.

Game 11

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Closer than the two previous results, but let’s face it, that’s a low bar to clear. Someone told me Digger once said his agreeing to extend the “neutral site” series was a mistake on his part. Glad ND got a top-ranked Wildcat scalp out of it.

Round Two

Once again, we move forward with no reseeding, which means our two blowout winners will have to fight it out to see who makes it to the week’s championship. Will one move forward as easily as easily as they did before, or will the choice be tougher? You decide.

The blurbs, if you need a reminder, can be found in Monday’s article. Polls close Thursday night.

Game 12

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Game 13

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