America’s Loosest Coach Opens Up

keeping-it-looseWhen Irish hoops fans talk about head coach Mike Brey, his laid-back nature and approachability  are common refrains.  They often describe him as the coach currently at Notre Dame they’d most like to have a beer with.

To my knowledge, ND isn’t about to market a Mike Brey hangout opportunity.  But Triumph Books is giving us the next best thing — a new book co-written by the coach and Senior Associate AD John Heisler, Mike Brey: Keeping it Loose.

Over where Brey talks about a wide range of topics, from his start playing basketball at DeMatha High School for Hall of Fame coach Morgan Wootten, through his eight seasons as an assistant to Mike Krzyzewski at Duke, and his 18 years at the helm of the Fighting Irish.  If you dive in to the nitty gritty, you can find out:

  • What job did Brey covet before he got his opportunity at Delaware that may have precluded him from ever become ND’s coach?
  • What job did Brey actually have for 24 hours before he decided it wasn’t for him?
  • Where did Brey first meet Digger Phelps and how did that meeting affect him taking the Notre Dame job?
  • What are some things he said in his first year at ND
  • How did John MacLeod help Brey integrate into the Notre Dame family?
  • How does Coach K really feel about Notre Dame?

Many people feel a career in broadcasting awaits Brey when his days at Notre Dame are done, and he brings that ability to catch and hold his audience to bear throughout the 267 pages.  He shares memories about every player who has ever suited up for him in South Bend, from Troy Murphy and Ryan Humphrey on through to DJ Harvey and Nic Djogo.  He talks about getting secure in the Big East and moving over to the ACC, hitting the milestone wins for the Fighting Irish, and the successes and challenges along the way.

The Notre Dame basketball fan in your life would love this book.  It’s available  on Amazon in both Kindle and hard-cover format, along with Apple Books.