I tried The Last Dab Reduxx tonight
by wcnitz (2019-01-10 22:17:10)

Two main thoughts on this sauce:

1. For a sauce that rates over 2.5M Scoville (it's pepper X and chocolate pepper X), it actually has taste. And that taste is pretty good, you catch the ginger and coriander right away before the heat drops.

2. Probably related to the result above, it is great to see it limited to just normal ingredients you'd put in a sauce. Peppers, vinegar, ginger, turmeric, coriander, cumin and mustard. That's it.

This is easily the best hot sauce I've had that was rated higher than 150K Scoville, which is crazy since it's 5-6 times hotter than the hottest sauce I've had previously.

It's a pretty unique accomplishment to make something like this tolerable. That said, thanks to a severed nerve from ear surgery, I don't get anywhere near as much pain from heat as normal people do. So, your experience will likely be different. If you ever want to try an insanely hot sauce, this is the one to try.