I actually agree with him there.
by PeteatND (2019-02-04 09:48:10)

In reply to: Can’t be reasonably explained by human error?  posted by irishboy89

The applicable ref was about ten feet away, with a perfectly unobstructed view of the play, and failed to call two obvious penalties. No playoff caliber ref is that incompetent.

On the other hand, any grand conspiracy to get L.A. into the Super Bowl would be far too risky for the NFL to try to pull off. If that ever came out the NFL would be finished.

I tend to think the ref, in the heat of the moment, thought it was a bang-bang play (that was likely but not definitely interference), so he decided to swallow his flag to not be a deciding factor in the game. Unfortunately for him, it wasn't in any way a bang-bang call, so he unintentionally became THE deciding factor in the game. And will almost certainly never referee another significant moment in his career.