Thanks for this analysis...
by Kbyrnes (2019-01-10 18:53:58)

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...which is clear, concise, and very informative to a football layman like me. It also reinforces what I've been saying since the Cotton Bowl debacle: it is the coaching. No one criticizes the French soldiers at the battle of Waterloo--it was Napoleon's responsibility to design a strategy appropriate to the forces he commanded, to the forces he faced, to the geography, the weather, etc., and then to implement it soundly. Here is what Clausewitz said about Napoleon--it might sound familiar:

"Bonaparte and the authors who support him have always attempted to portray the great catastrophes that befell him as the result of chance. They seek to make their readers believe that through his great wisdom and extraordinary energy the whole project had already moved forward with the greatest confidence, that complete success was but a hair's breadth away, when treachery, accident, or even fate, as they sometimes call it, ruined everything. He and his supporters do not want to admit that huge mistakes, sheer recklessness, and, above all, overreaching ambition that exceeded all realistic possibilities, were the true causes."