sorry to keep replying to myself here, but there is a scheme
by jt (2019-01-10 18:24:29)
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issue here to point out--based on that initial front, why the fuck are we sliding to the left? We have 2 DL on each side and a stand up guy outside the TE in a 90 technique to the right with a MLB in a 10 or even just a 0 with depth. This is obviously a right side heavy front, and your only worries back side pre snap are the 2 DL and the MLB whereas to the right side you have to worry about the MLB, 2 DL, and OLB; the safety then rotates last second and that gives you another guy to the right side.

This is the scheme stuff I was talking about during the game last week. There is no fucking reason to slide left here, unless you always slide away from the TE or away from the running back. And guess what? if you put that on film and teams notice it, they're going to design their scheme around the stupid shit you do and then you're going to get the recruitniks wondering why we can't pick up the blitz, we need to get better players, we don't have the speed of Georgia, Climpsun, Bama, $c, whoever.

This is just flat getting outcoached here, IMO. This is a clear 3 or 4 man slide right or a 5 man slide right with the rb picking up the stand up OLB (3 to the right side instead of 2 to the left) and if you had done this correctly your left guard doesn't need to be a hero. The back could help backside B gap and your tackle would be man-on (McGlinchey). You could also do a 3 man slide right and leave McGlinchey and Nelson man-on to the backside with the back helping backside A gap (or man on the MLB).

I mean, the only other reason to slide left is if you didn't trust your tackle in man pro but our left tackle is a freaking all american so you know that isn't the case.

Not only that, but we're sliding our protection to the boundary when we have trips to the field side! If that boundary corner blitzes, that is either the qb's read or the running back can pick him up late. Defenses can do so much from the field side in the high school and college game (NFL has tighter hash marks) that it is pretty much just stupid to slide pro to the boundary with your extra wr's field side. It's very easy to blitz the slot corner in trips, for example (basically this same blitz but with a corner coming and not a safety).

Just fucking stupid, IMO. Thank God our best player bailed us out.