The concern among opponents is
by KeoughCharles05 (2019-02-05 11:14:07)

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that boosters are going to use a "Likeness" loophole to pay players to use their image, and thus legalize booster payments to players.

While I agree that that is a likely result, I don't agree that that concern is sufficient to prohibit players from profiting from their likeness.

I believe Swarbrick has proposed that any moneys received from likeness payments would be placed in a trust that could only be accessed by forfeiting amateur eligibility. That might be how things start, but such an arrangement won't actually prohibit players from accessing benefits while in school. The trust would be a financial tool that any financial institution could take into account when issuing a loan to the player. What will inevitably happen is players will access cash on the basis of their trust assets (and the NCAA really can't do anything about that), and the position will be "Why are we letting banks profit off of these players instead of just letting them access their own money?" And then poof, away go the trusts.