Nit: Lindsey was the OC at UCF
by StetsonDan (2022-11-28 09:33:37)
Edited on 2022-11-28 09:34:05

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Also, I don't think Golesh or any similar OCs who come from the Art Briles tree of what's been labeled as the Veer n' Shoot fit with the sort of offense that others have identified as playing to Notre Dame's historical strengths (tight end and offensive line). That sort of offense relies primarily on WR speed and spread spacing forcing the defense to either commit to stopping the run (and leaving the corners on an island and allowing the wide receivers to run option routes similar to the old run n' shoot offense) or committing to stopping the pass and leaving the defense vulnerable to being gashed up the middle.

Ludwig's offense at Utah relied heavily on two tight end formations and fits ND's historical strengths perfectly.